About Sangyé

Sangyé Yoga School (formerly Jivamukti Yoga London) – hosting Jivamukti Yoga classes since 2005.  Sangyé Yoga provides a space for independent Jivamukti Yoga teachers to teach yoga classes & workshops. The schedule features more than 50 weekly classes, by the most experienced Jivamukti teachers in London.

Yoga classes held at Sangyé Yoga School are vigorously physical and intellectually stimulating on diverse levels. Most classes will move fluidly through a vinyasa (breath and movement integrated) framework, while at times the teacher may require the student to hold asanas for extended lengths to move deeper in the practice. Classes typically include Vinyasa (flowing asana sequences), chanting, Yogic philosophical teachings, Pranayama (breathing exercises), hands-on assists as a teaching tool, meditation, and culminate with a deep relaxation. To keep the practice inspiring, asana sequences are ever-changing except for the signature Jivamukti class called Spiritual Warrior, which is a set sequence.

Open classes are 60-90 minutes and open to an intermediate/advanced practitioner or adventurous beginners. We do however, highly recommend that students who are new to yoga attend the basics classes to become familiar with fundamental aspects of the practise, feel more grounded as well as learn safe alignment from the start. After a few months, a student can join the Spiritual Warrior class to learn and experience, through the repetition of a set sequence, the fluidity of a led vinyasa class.

The centre also hosts workshops, lectures and performances by internationally renowned teachers and artists.  The School first opened its doors (as Jivamukti Yoga London) in July 2005

Sangyé is a Tibetan word, meaning “Awakened”

Sang means ‘awakening’ from the sleep of ignorance, and ‘purifying’ the darkness of both emotional obscurations and cognitive obscurations.

Gyé means ‘opening’, like a blossoming lotus flower, to all that is knowable, and ‘developing’ the wisdom  of omniscience— the knowledge of the true nature of things,
just as they are, and the knowledge of all things in their multiplicity

We chose “school” because we are all constantly students, growing and evolving, in every aspect of life.

“All created things are transitory — those who realize this are freed from suffering. This is the path that leads to pure wisdom” – Dhammapada, verse 277

What does this recent change from Jivamukti Yoga London to Sangyé Yoga School mean?

Same collective: same teachers, same staff, same management and same class schedule…
different name.

Thank you to David Life & Sharon Gannon for their continued graciousness.