Introductory Offer

£40 for 30 consecutive days of classes

As a new student to Sangyé Yoga School you can take advantage of our Introductory Offer- £40 for thirty consecutive days of yoga classes. This allows you to attend as many, or as few, classes: Open, Basics, Spiritual Warrior – as you like, for 30 days in a row.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes before the class begins so we can sign you in and show you around.

Please note: The Introductory Offer is only available in person at the centre; it’s not available online. The Introductory Offer is for classes only, excludes Workshops or other events. Please register with some form of ID. The Introductory Offer is only available to UK residents. Must be redeemed on FIRST visit. Cannot be applied retro-actively.

If you are new to yoga, we would encourage you to attend Basics level classes (rather than Open)- Basics moves at a slower pace, and there is more time spent on alignment instructions.

Please contact us (or call 020 8960 3999)  if you have any further questions; we look forward to seeing you at the centre soon.


how to be a YOGI(NI)

– be seen: check in with front desk even if you are a regular

– be switched on/be present: by switching off your mobile phone

– be barefoot: leave ALL shoes in the allocated spaces at reception, wear your socks around/beyond that area if you wish

– be quiet: busy mouth, busy mind – approach the practice with serenity, especially once you’ve left the reception area

be on time: if you are late, enter the class and sit by the door. Please wait for the teacher to find you a space

be generous: your mat space is all you really need, make space around you accessible for someone else to place their mat

– be careful: place all bottles and personal items on the shelves in studio. We kindly request that no tea cups be taken beyond reception.

be mindful: ahimsa (non-harming/compassion in action) practice starts on your mat, be aware of your surroundings so that you can keep yourself and others unharmed. PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION DURING INVERSIONS PRACTICE – ESPECIALLY IF NEW TO YOGA.

be clean: would you want to practice next to you if you weren’t?:)

– be sensible: a blanket is NOT a towel…no one will want to use it if it smells like sweat. would you? a fresh towel (equally soft as a blanket) is available from reception for a small fee.

be considerate: if you have borrowed the studio mat, please wipe it down after use and replace blankets, belts and blocks neatly (even if that’s not how you found it, be the better person!)

be efficient: book classes and workshops online

be receptive: to your greatest potential

thank you…for ‘be-ing’ at Sangyé Yoga School!