New to Yoga

Yoga is a practice of mindfulness. Here are a few tips for those new to the practice but also for those who are working on it!

how to be an awakened YOGI(NI)

– be seen: check in with front desk even if you are a regular, or have signed up online.

– be switched on/be present: by switching off your mobile phone.

– be barefoot: leave your shoes in the allocated spaces at reception, wear your socks around/beyond that area if you wish.

– be quiet: busy mouth, busy mind – approach the practice with serenity, especially once you’ve left the reception area.

be on time: if you are late, enter the class and sit by the door…please wait for the teacher to find you a space and do not disturb the other students by walking around.

be generous: your mat space is all you really need, make space around you accessible for someone else to place their mat.

– be careful: place all bottles and personal items on the shelves in studio…we kindly request that no tea cups be taken beyond reception.

be mindful: ahimsa (non-harming/compassion in action) practice starts on your mat, be aware of your surroundings so that you can keep yourself and others unharmed.


be clean: would you want to practice next to you if you weren’t?:).

– be sensible: a blanket is NOT a towel…no one will want to use it if it smells like sweat. would you? a fresh towel (equally soft as a blanket) is available from reception for a small fee.

be considerate: if you have borrowed the studio mat, please wipe it down after use and replace the mat, blankets, belts and blocks neatly.

be efficient: book classes and workshops online.

be receptive: to your greatest potential.

thank you…for ‘be-ing’ at Sangyé Yoga School!