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£65 both days / £35 single day (£55/£30 early bird)

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Foundations of a Vinyasa Practice with Cat Alip-Douglas

Saturday, March 24th & Sunday, March 25th 2:30pm-5:00pm

Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th March
£65 both days / £55 early bird (before 24th Feb)
£35 single day / £30 early bird (before 24th Feb)

Saturday 24th March – Surya namaskar + standing asanas
Sunday 25th March – Forward bending + front of body opening

Foundations of a vinyasa practice: this 2 part course is perfect for inquisitive beginner’s as well as experienced students who want to practice with awareness and refine their approach to it. it is highly suggested to attend both days but can also be booked separately.

These two workshops will dig deep at the roots of a VINYASA practice drawing from fundamental components found in a balanced class: breath, bandha, drishti, surya namaskar, standing, forward bending/back of body opening and back bending/front of body opening.

Contrary to modern interpretation, vinyasa doesn’t simply imply flowing, dynamic or a class with music.(These workshops will use music sparingly). VI means “order” and NYASA translates to “conscious placement”. In these two sessions, students will learn how to breathe consciously and pair the movements with breath awareness. This application is no different from how we would want to live our lives…deliberately and mindfully.

It is highly suggested that BOTH days are attended to get the maximum benefit from learning through repetition. Check the schedule for monthly inversions class.

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